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How to join the ninja team

7ninjas is fast-growing Web Development & Design Agency with 10-12 currently ongoing projects.
We are passionate about new technologies and ground-breaking ideas our partners have.

You will join a professional and dynamic team in a bright warm office with constantly improving the environment. We care about the quality and professionalism, that's why we also provide our employees with all necessary equipment and adjust to your needs. We are growing, and so is our recruitment process. We’ve made many improvements since last year and improved our various career paths - both for a production and for a non-production team.

I’d like to explain our recruitment process, so you’ll know what kind of magic happens after clicking on “apply” button.

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Let me walk you through these two scenarios:

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You’re not
experienced, yet.

But you’d really like to
learn and improve your

7ninjas is the perfect place for your professional career to evolve. For everyone who’s eager to learn and not afraid of challenges, we have an excellent internship program. You can apply for the production: Software Engineers, QA, Product Designers or non- production department: Administration, Human Resources, Sales, Social Media etc. All you need to do is just take this opportunity and grow with us, as Marta, Marcin, and Iza did.

You’re already

And ready for new
challenges, that's perfect!

We are always open to specialists. If you’ve already worked in a similar position and you’re not afraid to speak English on a daily basis - you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is click the “apply” and send the application. Don’t worry: our recruitment team will take it from there and walk you through our recruitment process as soon as possible.

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But first, before you decide to apply - make sure you read all of these requirements below, which are very important for every job opening at 7ninjas.

We are looking for:
  • people who are driven by the passion for creating beautiful code, delivering a great product and constantly improving themselves,
  • people who have great interpersonal and teamwork skills - we are a close-knit team and work together to make awesome products happen,
  • people who are fluent in English (minimum B2; C1 for Sales, Marketing, SM, Product Designer, HR positions),
  • people who have the ability to search for answers and drill down into the topic they’re working on,
  • people who have the ability and autonomy to solve complex tasks and they're focused on getting things done.

Welcome to 7ninjas recruitment process

let’s walk through it together.

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Send your application

Once you click the “apply” button on our careers page, your application is visible to us. We recommend you upload your CV in English, and all additional links (Linkedin, Behance, Dribbble, GitHub etc). If your application meets our requirements, you’ll be invited to the next stage: The recruitment test task or phone call (non-production positions).


The interview

After we have reviewed and checked your completed tasks, we will contact you and send you the interview invitations. The interview is usually conducted by Head of HR and one person from the team you’re applying to join.

The meeting will be focused on your previous achievements and experience. We would like to see your motivation to work and learn. We want to verify if you will be a good fit for the team. We might also ask you to clarify some answers from the previous stage or you might be asked to do a complementary task (depends on the position you are applying for).

But what’s the most important you will literally be able to see the place you have applied too, speak with the team and answer your question: is 7ninjas the company I was looking for? The interview might take a place in our head office, or either be remote via Google Hangouts or Skype, we are trying to meet your needs and expectations.


Job offer

It is one of the best parts of the whole recruitment process.
If everything goes well at each of these previous steps, you will get the phone call with the information you in!

We will provide you with all needed information and details such as: start date, documentation, salary, position etc. Confirmation of your employment, will start your new adventure - so exciting - isn’t it?


Test task

By doing and completing our test task you will get the hint of who we are, what kind of flow we have, and what kind of projects you will work on.
You don’t have to be afraid of, we will give you two days to work on and re-think your strategy. Why it’s so important to us?
The answer is easy: we would like to check the quality of your code, we would like to see how you think and act in practice.
So take your time, be creative and show us the best quality you can provide.

For non-production, once your profile or CV gets the approbation, our HR will contact you, to have a small talk and breaks the ice.
The phone interview is the fastest way to find out what kind of experience you have got, what kind of employer you are looking for and what your expectations are.
The first interview will also give you the answer to who we are, what we do, what values we are stick too.


The additional meeting

When you are applying for some strategic positions such as: Product Manager, Sales Manager, HR Manager, Head of Product Designer, Team Leader, etc, you might be asked to join to additional interview.

This meeting is mostly focused on your work attitude, motivation, and career goals. We would like to check your Leadership skills, see your reaction to some kind of corner-cases, and find out what’s your way to solve some problems. The meeting is mostly conducted by Head of HR and one of the 7ninjas Partners.



Once you in, you are in good hands. Our HR will introduce you to all internal processes, etiquette, mission, and goals. The onboarding process allows us to collect all relevant human resources, payroll and benefits forms (including your contract). During the onboarding process will be familiarized with values, 7ninjas strategies, with the team, professional culture, we will provide you the tools, show you all programs, and give you all needed accesses. This process will increase your confidence, productivity, what’s more you will get the feeling you are in right place surrounded by right people who care and looking after you. You won’t be left on your own.

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You didn’t get the job? It’s not the end of the universe!

We couldn’t hire you now, or maybe you didn’t fit for this position, but it doesn’t mean you are not suitable for other. The best of the 7ninjas recruitment process is the fact we will always back to you and what’s more, you can always ask for feedback. For us, you are the human being (not just the number) and you are the precious because of that.

Our team is constantly growing and there’s always a bunch of job posts on our careers page. Just stay in touch, follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Dribbble or just simply contact us from time to time and be up to date with our offers.

We design beautiful and working interfaces.
Let us make your idea look perfect.


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