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Having launched several cross-platform mobile apps, we can confirm:
React Native reduces mobile application development costs drastically

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What is React Native?

React Native is a library that makes cross-platform mobile app development easier than ever before.

Why build separate iOS and Android mobile apps, when you can build a cross-platform mobile application with React Native? What does cross-platform mean? It’s an app, that runs perfectly smooth on both Android and iOS.

Is cross-platform mobile app built with React Native any good?

It’s amazing. It’s fast, efficient and a pleasure to maintain.

Fun fact, React Native framework is a Facebook technology. Same like React.js. Both technologies are being constantly developed and supported by the best engineers in the world.


with React Native

Do you know these folks?
They base their mobile app development on React Native.

React Native main goal is to be a cost-effective, simple and performant solution.
These companies have built their mobile applications with React Native.

Facebook, for example, has built Facebook Ads Manager, Marketplace App and Facebook analytics apps with React Native entirely.

Your mobile app will be in a good company.

Why we recommend
React Native

Cross-Platform Development

As mentioned above, React Native is the best and the most efficient way to create a mobile app. Have just one team lead and manage your mobile app development. Fewer people, lower costs.

Application Performance

Are you concerned about cross-platform app's speed? Worry no more. Mobile apps built with React Native has proven to be fast, performant and efficient.

Application Performance

Are you concerned about cross-platform app's speed? Worry no more. Mobile apps built with React Native has proven to be fast, performant and efficient.

Pocket Friendliness

React Native is the best thing that ever happened to mobile app development market. It has helped cut the costs of building a mobile application by almost 50%. What else does a businessman want?

Strong Community

React Native is a Facebook technology supported by thousands of mobile app developers. They constantly work on new features, stability and performance tweaks of React Native.

Reusable Components

Since React Native community is so big, you can benefit from pre-made plugins and libraries built by best-in-class developers.

App Stores Acceptance

You want your app to be easily discovered, right? App Store and Google Play ❤️ React Native apps. All of your potential customers will be able to download your mobile app from the biggest app stores.

There are more
React Native benefits

Creating a mobile app has always been a struggle.

Hire a team for iOS app development, another one to develop an Android version of the mobile application. Get used to working with both teams. Break all the possible deadlines. Cry.

Thankfully, all of this is history now thanks to React Native.

React Native has gained huge popularity really fast. There’s a whole world of frameworks, libraries and tools around it.

Tools that we use to speed up React Native mobile app development and make it more efficient include RxJS, CSS Modules, Preact, Next.js, etc.

For you, the client, all of these fancy words mean only one thing – we are a professional React Native development company, we know our stuff and we do our job in the most effective way possible.


Our React Native development

Check out some of the products that we’ve built with React Native.
The cool thing is, that this Javascript framework is industry-agnostic.

We’ve used React Native for E-commerce apps, Educational Applications, Chats, Cryptocurrency apps and many more.



Sports management platform



Roommate matching app



VR educational platform

Opinion you can trust

What our clients say about React Native development at 7ninjas

Gabriel Ferrin Photo

I’d trust them to handle any aspect of the code base.

7ninjas has collaborated on various projects, working on both dev and design. They mainly do frontend work and are currently following wireframes to help build an iOS and Android app.

Gabriel Ferrin



The summary
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React Native is an application framework built by Facebook.
It lifted mobile app development up to a whole new level.

React Native can help you create a mobile app for both Android and iOS simultaneously. It means that you can cut the development costs by almost 50%.

Its massive community has your back. Plugins of any kind are at your fingertips to speed up the development process. React Native apps have great design, their performance is top notch, they are a pleasure to build and maintain.

React Native will satisfy your needs and your wallet.


7ninjas is a professional React Native development company. You can entrust us your mobile app development and focus on sales and marketing.

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