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We’ve mastered Node.js development skills on dozens of projects.
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What is Node.js?

Node.js is a Javascript runtime. Lightweight, fast and modern way to execute code on your computer. It has gained substantial popularity thanks to the huge community which keeps the technology up-to-date with the latest market trends.

Node.js is widely spread, so engineers in pretty much every industry use it as a main backend development tool.

Node.js is generally used to build web and mobile apps, chats, proxies, dashboards and many more.


with Node.js

Do you know these folks? They use Node.js in their backend development.

Node’s main goal is to be a reliable, simple and scalable backend development language. Some of these companies use Node.js in just several components of their apps, some have built their backend applications with this tool entirely.

Node.js is great for chats, dashboards, high-load applications and many more.

Why we recommend
Node.js development


Imagine this. You wake up famous, your startup has took off. Many people have started using your product. It needs to scale. With Node.js it's very simple. You just call your Node.js development company (7ninjas 😉) and we help you adapt the app for high load quickly.

High Performance

Node.js is compiled directly into the machine code. Unfortunately, there are some side effects like speed, high performance and reliability of your custom software.

Strong Community

Node.js has its one of a kind marketplace of open-source Javascript tools - NPM. Almost 1 million free battle-tested libraries are at your fingertips to speed up Node.js development of your web application. How cool is that?

Corporate support

Adoption of Node.js by industry giants has stimulated it's rocket growth. Very few open-source project has been privileged to be adopted by corporations.

There are more
Node.js benefits

Creating a backend for web or mobile application is not that easy.
But there are several tools that can speed up this process and make it more efficient.

We use a bunch of frameworks and libraries to help us with cloud computing, server-side rendering, caching, hosting and many other crucial digital product needs.

Some of the tools that we use to speed up Node.js development include GraphQL, Express.js, Nest.js, Docker, Sentry, etc.

For you, the client, all of these fancy words mean only one thing – we are a professional Node.js development company, we know our stuff and we do our job in the most effective way possible.


Our Node.js development

Check out some of the products that we’ve built with Node.js.
The cool thing is, that this Javascript tool is industry-agnostic.

We’ve used Node.js for E-commerce websites, Educational Applications, Chats, Dashboards and many more.



VR educational platform



Sports management platform



Roommate matching app

Opinion you can trust

What our clients say about Node.js development at 7ninjas

vincent hus photo

They could see the bigger perspective—where we wanted to go and the best way to achieve that.

7ninjas developed a responsive, mobile-friendly website for a flight booking company. The project involved search engine design and systems integration.

Vincent Hus



The summary
you've been looking for

Node.js is one of the most popular, performant and reliable backend development tools.

It scales up easily, it’s great both for web app and mobile application development. Node.js has a strong community and one of the largest Javascript package managers – NPM. It has hundreds of thousands of packages to satisfy every engineer’s need.

Node.js + React.js is one of the most popular technical stacks in the world. Startups and enterprises truly love it for its simplicity and performance. We have mastered both React and Node development skills.


7ninjas is a professional Node.js development company. You can entrust us your application development and focus on sales and marketing.

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