Air Purifier - IoT App Design

A smart home requires intelligent management. We lacked some features in the currently available IoT applications.

Your air purifier can be scheduled to start working at a certain time, but can it order filters?


Smart home needs
smart management

Control and match each room individually

Everyone likes to be in the environment that suits them best and that’s why we’ve designed an intelligent assistant to manage air quality and fragrance choices. 

You can create your own room and personalize it according to your needs. One gesture, so many possibilities!


Check the air quality with this IoT app
Choose your favorite smell for the day

Once you have selected a room, it is time to take control of it. The user can check the quality of the air and get full control over it. With one simple gesture, you can change the smell in the room and switch between rooms. 

The IoT application also provides information about the status of complementary components of the device so that nothing can surprise the user and the device can still perform its tasks and take care of the best air quality.

An intelligent IoT app assistant will help you purchase and replace filters

The user is kept informed about the status of his device. We’ve designed a smart home assistant to keep an eye on the status of your device and send you a timely notification when you need to change a component.

We have designed a convenience in the form of hints in the shop from the application level. This path facilitates the process of replacement and purchase of components together with the service. The user is sure as to the compatibility of the ordered components, and the saved time can be spent on relaxation.


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