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Social e-commerce platform for women

Dedicated e-commerce solution smoothly connected with Social Features. Browse, discover and share custom combinations of clothing or even whole collections. Have fun rating and exploring new clothing whenever you look for fresh ideas.

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Girls, they wanna have fun


Swipe left, Swipe right <3

When it comes to fashion, not even the best AI can understand what customers are going to love and buy. Therefore, on top of the standard recommendations system, Herlandia implements a simple "hot or not" game users can play anytime: before going to sleep, while waiting for a manicure, or during commuting to work. Pictures, emotions and Tinder-like mechanics make it a perfect tool to present products in a non-invasive and interesting fashion.

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Inspire me to fashion

"Show me your wardrobe and I will tell you who you are". Not only actors, singers or models can share their choices and likes on the Internet. Anyone can become a fashion evangelist among their friends by sharing their amazing new discoveries. Herlandia collections allow users to inspire their communities and this inspiration is what drives sales.

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We’ve been working with 7ninjas for over a year now. Guys are great listeners, responsive and proactive. When they identify a problem, they immediately have number of solutions. Patient and focused, they are constantly evolving. I endorse their team-spirit and definitely recommend them for you to work with!

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Peter Vodička
CEO at Herlandia s.r.o.

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